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    In a first for Australia, a new listing by an Australian renewable energy company shows some investors are seeking to add the technology to their portfolios.

    A solar thermal startup, Terra Bella Energy, has filed for its first listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

    The company operates the first commercial solar thermal thermal facility in Canberra.

    Terra Bella Energy's director of financial reporting, Paul M. Beale, said:

    "We've identified one major investor, namely another renewable energy startup, that we would like to take advantage of at the moment and will pursue the listing immediately."

    What is solar thermal?

    Solar thermal is a specialised method of generating heat for use in large-scale photovoltaic systems, like solar farms.

    Terra Bella Energy operates several commercial solar thermal thermal plants, including its latest facility. Photo: Terra Bella Energy

    Terra Bella Energy is listed as renewable energy companies and, since 2007, has sought to increase its solar thermal business by bringing its "energy network, power plant infrastructure, design, and design support business" to its Australian subsidiaries.

    In September last year, the company raised $200 million in venture capital from Anbang Insurance Group.

    The company plans to expand its commercial network of solar thermal plants to expand its thermal energy storage and energy distribution business.

    It also plans to increase its financial information service for investors to meet Australia's capital requirements.

    Terra Bella Energy's first business was focused on converting photovoltaic cells into renewable energy. It was developed using an advanced manufacturing process, specifically, with solar thermal power cells and a novel electrolyte.

    In September 2010, Terra Bella Energy announced that it had taken the name, Terra Bella.
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    Cyclone percy threatens tokelau, an Island of 10.9 million, that is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

    The region is also known for its marine life, which includes endangered and threatened species.

    But as this month's storm approached, the seas became treacherous, as the storm entered the Pacific Ocean and battered areas near Alaska.

    A massive landslide on the Tohoku Island of Japan claimed at least 17 lives. It destroyed at least 100 homes, cut off electricity for tens of thousands of people, cut power to at least 150,000 homes and threatened over 1 million residents.

    After the storm struck, tsunami alerts and warnings began to roll in as well, with the United States Department of Homeland Security confirming that the islands are among a group of at least 24 at high risk areas and potentially endangered.

    "As the storm made landfall this afternoon, it brought heavy rain, winds and heavy storms to western Japan, which are expected to continue throughout the day," the department said. "The U.S. State Department recommends people seek shelter and evacuation information at all times. The Department of Homeland Security is warning of severe coastal flooding and damage in some parts of western Japan."

    The storm also left at least 472 dead and 763 missing, including more than 150 people in Tohoku. Many of those deaths and missing people, many of whom were Japanese citizens, have been named as victims of the storm.

    In addition, 10 people have been injured by falling trees in Iwaki, according to a report by CNN affiliate NHK.

    The storm was the result of a long-running typhoon named Haiyan, which killed around 5 million people in the Philippines in 2011, but most of it in Japan's North and East coasts.

    (For more from CNN Philippines, click here)

    At least 15 people lost their lives as the remnants of Haiyan hit the coast and were unable to return to their homes, CNN Philippines Senior Meteorologist Paul Cacigal and weather reporter Eric Albertson reported.

    The storm brought torrential rain, with at least 70 inches of rain falling over western Japan, Albertson said.

    "Most islands were pounded, the strongest to the north where more than 100 houses were destroyed," he said.

    Albertson said in addition to the deaths and missing, 7,000 to 10,000 missing persons have been listed as missing for the first time as of Tuesday morning, according to the National Search and Rescue Agency, which is tasked with searching for missing nationals.

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