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    Amnesty internationals dr graham thom speaks to the BBC's political editor, Nick Robinson, about a new film showing pictures of the abuse he says he's suffered at the hands of the Iraqi military.

    The Independent on Sunday will show exclusive footage from the film "My Iraqi Home: A Secret War", which is shown to viewers at 20 GMT on Saturday.

    The director of the film, a British journalist who was jailed in Iraq in 2004 under martial law, alleges the Iraqi military is targeting Sunni Muslims.

    The Independent said the film was released at an annual briefing by the UK's defence ministry, which also issued a statement about it.


    The UK government said it had no involvement in the production of "My Iraqi Home", which was produced on BBC premises and published by broadcaster TV4.

    A Department for International Development (DFID) spokesperson said: "The UK government is committed to the rule of law and to upholding human rights and international peace and security for everyone."

    The British foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, said it was "disappointing" that more than 200,000 people in Iraq were denied citizenship by the former Iraqi government.

    But he said he was "convinced" that no one "wants to see a re-engagement" in Iraq but rather an end to what he called "the worst sectarian slaughter in the country's recent history".

    Mr Hammond met Mr Thoms at his office in Baghdad on Monday and he said he hoped the American filmmaker had given his country a "more positive story in a film that clearly reflects my own views".

    'I didn't get justice'

    Mr Thoms says he first learned of torture during his six months in the prison camp at Qayyarah, Iraq in the middle of the second world war.

    "I heard in the press that the soldiers were torturing people. I never saw them, as I was on the way to work," he told BBC News.

    "They kept us in small groups of 25 men or 30. They beat us, hung us with electrical cable, pushed us out of the cell, cut a vein down the top of my head and put a electric shock on my feet."

    Mr Thoms and his wife were held in the former Iraqi army's Qayyarah jail during their eight-month prison sentence following their capture during a rescue operation in August 2004 by Kurdish Peshmerga forces - known as the Golden Division - in the town of Qayyarah near Kirkuk.

    They were held for several months before being transferred to Camp Karbala, which is now the notorious Abu Ghraib prison.

    It has been accused of torture and ill-treatment.

    by Vernonkit at 2020-05-25 11:31:55

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