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    Man charged over honeymoon gap sexual assault has avoided jail

    A 23-year-old woman will miss out on a jail term but will receive counselling for the incident after being cleared.

    Jennifer Robinson, of Stirling in Scotland, admitted causing actual bodily harm on October 22 last year.

    She made excuses and told the judge there was a party at her house and that when she got out she had a drink.

    It is understood Robinson is the only woman in the Scottish jail system to miss out on prison and will get counselling.

    She was also cleared of assaulting another woman in September last year.

    Robinson was given the maximum sentence of five years' imprisonment and must pay £500 victim surcharge costs.

    An appeal is planned to decide whether Robinson could receive the full sentence if she had her defence lawyer, Fiona MacPherson QC, challenge her convictions.


    Ms Robinson admitted causing real bodily harm on October 22 last year, in charge of an undercover operation.

    Jailing her, Judge James Tappan-Daly said: "I do not wish to say the circumstances are all too serious for you to face the full extent of prison.

    "However, I do wish to ensure you pay serious financial consequences and give an opportunity for your victims of the crime to give evidence on your behalf."

    Robinson said the alleged incident happened as part of a night out she and an acquaintance had organised at her flat.

    She admitted causing the pain with intent, reckless or wanton conduct and causing actual bodily harm for her actions.

    She was also found guilty of causing actual bodily harm without consent, and the lesser offence of causing actual bodily harm with intent.

    Robinson's defence lawyer Fiona MacPherson QC said: "Jennifer was foolish, careless and a fool for continuing in the relationship to continue the sexual assault of that woman.

    "I hope Jennifer understands she should have known better."

    In her final remarks, Judge Tappan-Daly said: "Jennifer is not entitled to any sympathy."

    'The fact that she is still young and in custody is not to be taken as permission to throw her onto the scale of life in the sense of those older women who still have their lives and children attached to them."

    He sentenced Robinson to six months imprisonment and ordered her to complete a 18 month community supervision order with the condition she keep a "low profile" and attend a substance abuse programme.

    She was also banned from using alcohol, gambling or using alcohol-related drugs for five years, to prevent her from offending again.

    She also had to pay an administrative fine of £250 and pay £100 victim surcharge costs.
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